Speech therapist

speech_therapistThe role of speech and language therapist is to improve child’s over all communication skills with respect to the age and need of each child. The process of improving the child’s skill in speech, language and communication involves detailed assessment under the domain of
Pre-linguistic skills/ pre-academic skills – attention span, sitting tolerance, listening skills, oral-motor skills
Speech skills – Respiration, articulation, voice and fluency
Linguistic skills – Comprehension and expressive language age
Pragmatic skills – Use of language for communication.
Academic skills – reading comprehension, narrative skills and grammar
Followed by the assessment, a therapy program for individual child will be designed by setting long term and short term goals. The progam strictly involves the teachers , other therapist and parents of each child to make the progress fast and effective. The therapy involves individual sessions as well as group sessions for each child. the childs progress is maintained by daily record keeping system .