1. Main streaming
The unique advantage of this section is its association with the regular school which is well accessible through a systematic transporting arrangement based on a daily prior schedule.
Through the process of integration students are given the opportunity to be a part of the regular class room for a certain time period of the day. This gives the benefit of interacting and learning with their and level appropriate peers.

2. The role of the multidisciplinary team

We follow the multidisciplinary team approach where the Special Educators encourage the involvement of teachers, parents, para-professionals and the school administration in the all-round development of the student.

Assessment and therapeutic services for children referred from the mainstream education of Al-Injaz and other schools in the locality.

Observation and educational assessment leads to the formulation of an individualized education plan (IEP) drawn up in consultation with parents and subject to regular view. Our students require short term targeted activities that are outside the normal circular boundaries and an IEP helps in setting these goals.

The role of the speech therapist, Al Injaz, is not confined to speech therapy rooms alone. Recently, the therapist has also begun influencing class rooms based on ABA principles and rectifying behavior through social stories i.e. using communication and receptive language skills as a tool to modify behavior. Emphasis is also laid upon augmentative communication.

The physiotherapist actively monitors fine motor skills keeping in view their implication in the life skills and pre vocational skills. As a recent trend, rehabilitation professional, special eduacators and the physiotherapist have initiated activities, in joint co-ordination, leading to pre- vocational skill development.

3. Intitation of Pre vocational services
shoppingSince the children of Al injaz are budding in to young adults, Its mandatory to give them the right skills to steer them through their growing years and make them independent as a effectively functioning member of the family and society they live in. The following are the activities that have been initiated in the special needs section for children above 10 years.
i. Matching and sorting skills
ii. Money management and Shopping skills
iii. Cookery
iv. Live Demos in the actual job venue
Our system of functioning has been guided and approved by the Ministry of Education.

4. Sensory integration through water play, sand play and tactile learning.
5. Voluntary Service
Volunteers are an integral part of the Al-Injaz Special needs section. We have a group of committed volunteers who render appropriate services for the children on chosen days and timings preferred by them. They duly fill the voluntary registration form before intiating their voluntary services.