Admission Procedure

Parents requiring admission in Al Injaz Section of Special Needs should meet the Director with prior appointment by calling the Al-Injaz reception.

On the advice of the Director parents will be given prior appointment to meet the Head of the Special Needs for case history record and initial assessment of the ward.

On the third stage special educators and the therapists of the multi disciplinary team of special needs section will carry out a detailed assessment of the ward on specified dates.

Based on the recommendation of the team the Head of the special needs in consultation with the director will assign the child to a specified group of Al Injaz Section of Special Needs which has specific gradation level based on modified academic curriculum namely Play group, Kindergarten level and Grade level.

This academic gradation similar to the main school curriculum is a unique feature of Al injaz in this region which provides an excellent opportunity for integration based on the age and child’s progress.

If the child shows potential for integration based on the entrance test specified for each academic level the children are given full fledged integration or partial integration.

Children have the added advantage of remedial education under the supervision of multidisciplinary team even if children are integrated.

Documents to be Submitted

1) 4 passport size photographs of their child
2) The original and Xerox copy of the child’s birth certificate
3) Health Card Copy
4) Health Check Form from Ministry of Health
5) A copy of student’s passport [original passport for verification]
6) A copy of Father’s passport and ID card
7) A copy of Mother’s passport and ID card

For students of Grade-1 onwards, the Ministry File Transfer Number must be given to the school authorities and also marks /report card of the previous two academic years must be submitted.