Secondary Curriculum Overview

Secondary School Program (IGCSE / GED – Grade 9 onwards):

The students choose the subjects; they would like to opt for in the senior years of education, in Grade 9. The intensive course work and practice given to the students develop their confidence and prepare them to write the international level / government exam.


Grade 9 – 10

The students have an option of either appearing for the GED Bilingual exam or for the IGCSE exam in Grade 10 for which they will select their subjects now and study those in Grade 9 & 10.

Those students selecting IGCSE will have to pay an additional amount of approximately RO. 350/- towards fees for the external exam. The cost is based on what is charged by the Cambridge each year.

The students choosing the IGCSE course work will study 7 subjects – 4 compulsory subjects and any 2 subjects from the Electives group. They will also appear for the Islamic Studies exam conducted by the school.

1. Arabic (1st Language) (IGCSE)
2. English (2nd Language)(IGCSE)
3. Mathematics (IGCSE)
4. Information & Communication Technology (IGCSE)

Group B – (Science)
Physics (IGCSE)
Chemistry (IGCSE)
Biology (IGCSE)

Group C – (Humanities)
Business Studies (IGCSE)
Economics (IGCSE)
Accountancy (IGCSE)

Students appearing for the GED Bilingual exam will study 10 subjects – English, Arabic, Islamic,Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information and Communication Technology, Social Studies (in Arabic) and Life skills.

Curriculum : Grade 11 & 12

The students who are going to Grade 11 to have a clear picture of the subjects they will learn in that class.

Students appearing for the GED Bilingual exam will study total 9 subjects –

1. English
2. Arabic
3. Islamic Studies
4. Maths
5. Science (Choose any one - Physics / Chemistry / Biology)
6. Social Studies

ELECTIVES :(Choose any 3 subjects from below given list. Please note you cannot choose the science subject chosen above)
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Biology
4. Economics
5. Business Studies
6. Information & Communication Technology
7. Accountancy
8. P.E. (non-exam)
9. Art