Code Of Conduct

Rules of discipline:

1. Students are not allowed to bring aerated drinks, chips or chewing gum to school.
2. Students must, at all times, maintain high standard of manners and avoid the use of abusive / rude language.
3. Students must always be neatly dressed in the school or PE uniform.
4. No leave of absence will be granted to the student during the working term period, except in case of emergency.
5. Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during the school hours, unless accompanied by the parent and with a valid reason.
6. Students are not allowed to wear / bring any valuable articles / electronic gadgets to school.
7. If a student is absent, a leave letter or medical certificate must be submitted.
8. Any damage to the school property will be debited to the student.

Note to Parents: We would appreciate your help and cooperation, in order to achieve our aims and make our students follow all the school rules with diligence.