Al Injaz Private School has a state of art self owned premises with latest facilities to create an ideal environment of learning for the students.

The classrooms are spacious with a seating capacity of not more than 24 students and have appropriate lighting and cooling facilities. Every student is provided with a locker in the class so that he doesn’t need to carry a heavy bag home.

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are fully equipped with all the required materials.

The Computer Labs have 24 computers for students with appropriate networking system and security to prevent misuse of the same.

The school Library has an expansive collection of books in English and Arabic for every level of the students. To encourage reading, students are issued books on a weekly basis and students are asked to write book reviews to ensure that they read the book.

The play ground is big with a shade so that students enjoy themselves and are also protected from the harsh weather.

The Sick room has facilities to handle emergency cases.

Audio visual room has a vast collection of supportive data to help the students learn well.

Math room has the different materials to make the subject more interesting and applicative.

IGCSE Campus