Admission Procedure

There is no admission test for the students of Kindergarten.
The students (Grade 1 onwards) will be given the admission test date. The tests will be conducted in English, Maths and Arabic subjects. The admissions will be strictly based on the child’s performance in the Admission Test and the school Management’s discretion. Once the child passes the written test, the parents will be called for a brief interview.

Once the admission has been confirmed by the school authorities, the parents must pay the registration and admission fees (as mentioned in ‘Annual Tuition Fee’) and submit all the necessary documents for the enrollment of their child.

Documents to be Submitted

1) 4 passport size photographs of their child
2) The original and copy of the child’s birth certificate
3) Health Card Copy
4) Health Check Form from Ministry of Health
5) A copy of student’s passport [original passport for verification]
6) A copy of Father’s passport and ID card
7) A copy of Mother’s passport and ID card

For students of Grade-1 onwards, the Ministry File Transfer Number must be given to the school authorities and also marks /report card of the previous two academic years must be submitted.